Album Review: Honeyblood - 'In Plain Sight'


‘In Plain Sight’ is the third album by Honeyblood. It’s a lofi, genre defying effort that, while born out of isolation, has a real glow about it. Throughout the album’s length it slides around sounds with no real way to tack it down to anything. Producer John Congleton has helped lift this noisy indie rock album out of normal parameters, pushing it into a strange sonic cosmos. 

Lead single, ‘Third Degree’ is a prime punk “post-breakup” song. Sugary vocal melodies draped over dirty guitars and booming drums. The track has this infectious, cohesive sound despite the vocals sounding like they’re from the 70s, guitars the 90s and the synths 2045. ‘Gibberish’ sees a similarly pounding beat pinned beneath a raucous rock song. ‘Touch’ journeys in the other direction with thrumming synths and lurking guitars. It’s an eerie one, leaning toward new-wave and draped with reverse reverb and more strange sounds.

This is a record with range. It’s a hard record to get sick of because every twist and turn is different, no two songs take the same perspective. It’s, lofi indie rock with a tendency to whatever it damn well wants to. 

Words by Nathan Blackstone