Album Review: Jesse Mac Cormack - 'Now'


Following three EPs, Jesse Mac Cormack’s debut album ‘Now’, is the product of Jesse’s refined musical vision and it’s outstanding. It’s the kind of music you can imagine blasting while driving, yet also being something you could listen to relaxing and unwinding.  His work has become more progressive and has moved on from his earlier folk and roots-rock style. Jesse has decided to take on an alt-rock route with these tracks, taking inspiration from Tame Impala and Perfume Genius, something that will catapult him into more people’s playlists. 

One thing you get a sense for in the album is its relaxed spirit. ‘No Love Go’ highlights his teary and emotional voice, and his new synth-sound. Each song melds easily into the next, staying true to it’s own ideas and rejecting the idea that all songs sound similar on contemporary albums.  

The title track ‘Now’ encompasses his new style with a western feel to the steely sounding guitar. Whereas ‘Passageway’ and ‘Sunday’ contrast this. They both have  slower form, angelic and timeless, allowing the descent ending the album.

The album progresses like a typical day does; it builds itself up to excitement and brings the tone down again. If you only listen to two songs from this album, the highlights for me are ‘Now’ and ‘Nothing Lasts’.

Words by Jesse Wells