Shannon O'Hara - 'The Fire'

Shannon O’Hara brings pure, romantic heat on eclectic pop single, ‘The Fire’.

It’s not easy to bleed classical influences through pop music in a contemporary and current way but that’s exactly what Shannon O’Hara does with her debut single, ‘The Fire’. ‘The Fire’ moves with a relaxed, plucky and organic fluidity that feels like freedom and when O’Hara’s impressive, warm vocal leads the song into the contemporary hook, organic and electronic influences beautifully meet one another with a bold pop punch.

While there’s grace and sophistication here, there’s also excitement, magic and unpredictability in the song’s textures. Shannon O’Hara delivers a huge amount of positive and authentic energy, packaging ‘The Fire’ as an effortlessly likeable, feel-good song that highlights the best parts of loving courageously and wholesomely.

Words of Karla Harris