Arlo Parks - 'george'


Arlo Parks latest single ‘george’ kisses in Palma Violet sherbet delicateness and speckled lo-fi auras; the divine accompaniment to Jasmine scented essential oil and chill.

Poetically charged, ‘george’ is a tuned nod to the 19th century poet and infamous narcissist Lord George Byron and intimately encapsulates sensitivity and heady grit with a dream- catcher state of ambience. A marbled kaleidoscope of unflinching detail and honeyed frays,  Arlo Parks’ fine-veined confessional lyricisms trickle with womb-y beats, dazed sensualism and lived-in heartbreak that’s as celestially lulling as it’s unforgiving. “I'm so sick of being down and watching you get arrested
I'm disgusted by you now with your rose quartz and overalls.”

For fans of auditory crystal healing and journaled dusky hip-hop, ‘george’ is an ultimate generation fluid vibe and makes for ideal listening in slow- motion corridors and balmy sunlight.

Words by Al Mills