Harlequin Gold - 'Take Me Home'

Harlequin Gold deliver a high energy cut of indie rock on new single, ‘Take Me Home’.

Harlequin Gold
drop another exciting track taken from their upcoming debut EP, which looks set to be a diverse cut of folk-infused indie rock. Where previous single, ‘I Was Your Girl’ juggled a playful, rootsy bounce with introspective, emotive instrumentation, ‘Take me Home’ is a fast-paced and exhilarating track that feels like it taps into danceable post punk revival tones in its production.

Thematically, Harlequin Gold explains, “‘Take Me Home” it about how time will chisel and change you until eventually you’re not the person you once were. Home is no longer a place but a state of mind and what used to scare you suddenly becomes your refuge”. 

‘Take Me Home’ is a toe tapping and tumultuous ride which continues to show how skilled Harlequin Gold are at creating stimulating arrangements and including enthralling instrumental breaks. Harlequin Gold’s use of thrilling dynamics adds another level of intensity and excitement to compliment the O’Brien sister’s fierce, blissful, vocals and thought-provoking lyrical themes. I like this outfit a lot.

Words of Karla Harris