Roofers Union – 'Tortugas'


Roofers Union might well be the slickest indie-gloss-psych act to come out of New York (New Yoooooork) right now. A band of four, their latest single Tortugas sounds a bit like if Ezra Furman were to be commissioned by Animal Crossing to make music for millennial children’s television. 

Delightfully drifting from start to finish Tortugas is one of those rarity tracks that wholesomely embodies playful happiness whilst projecting to anyone who chooses to listen an endlessly melodic indulgence of stubborn life pathologies. It’s not all that bad, you could be sat at home fretting over unshaken dilemmas but instead you’re sashaying along to a cheeky bit of quirky kicked pop so the scales, for now, are somewhat even. 

Tortugas is warm and Tortugas is brimming with complexities. It goes without saying that the King Gizzard style bliss out drum pattern drives the track to ascended heights of rattle. Spilling euphorically out from underneath frontman T.C. Tyge’s utterly charming croon’s are an ant log of cascading bass and splendidly coruscated keys that sparkle bright without missing a single beat of captured joy. 

In case you needed any more convincing, the mused Tortuga in question is called Rufus. Shout out to Rufus.

Words by Al Mills