CLEWS – 'Hollywood'


CLEWS is the fresh-faced project of Australian sisters Lily and Grace Richardson that brims with shout at the top of your lungs choruses and hooks of the chugg-iest degree of grand.  

The duo’s latest track Hollywood echoes a rich respect for 90’s balladed anthems of the hairbrush karaoke kind and straight to the point impressions of heart-ached awareness. Whilst at a first listen CLEWS may instinctively stir comparisons to seminal sibling stormers First Aid Kit or Phantastic Ferniture era Julia Jacklin with their innately gifted harmonies and overall doubled divine feminine, there is a uniquely wholesome soar to their songwriting that begs to be given an equally unrestrained mountaintop pedestal for deeper exploration and repeat plays. 

A mixtape worthy addition to any circumstance or emotion, these two have undeniably pulled all the lucky tarot cards with their thematically relatable lyrical observations and balmed guitar that oozes immediate concentration control. It’s gonna be a while before we get this out of our heads as Hollywood is so glitteringly easy to adore that you would have to be physically re-strained not to want to tap your toes along and smile.

Words by Al MIlls