EP Review: Peach Club - 'Post Modern Siren'


One of the most exciting bands rising out of the punk scene at the moment, hails from Norwich. With direct lyrics that highlight the need for feminism, and a no-nonsense way of addressing their experiences in a male-dominated industry, Peach Club completely encapsulate the riot grrrl movement.

It feels as though we’re having a resurgence of the riot grrrl movement in the sense that a lot of the feminist/queer punk bands that are gaining traction, are playing on the same circuits, and actually being noticed. With organisations like Girls Against, and Loud Women who are creating safe spaces for all, and promoting these bands; a lot of these musicians are banding together to make sure that they all get their voices heard – especially the voices of the communities that they care for. Peach Club’s message has always been about being comfortable as a powerful woman and reclaiming that, when it is threatened.

Their third EP ‘Post Modern Siren’ is further exploration on this point. Peach Club feel more together than before. ‘Faux Feminist’ still holds onto the gritty recording element that appears to be their signature sound. Working through insecurities that come with rejection and unhealthy relationships is the theme around ‘Want Me’ and with the confidence that comes out in the performance, the question of being wanted almost sounds rhetorical towards the end of the song. Delving into the subject of harassment and dealing with unwanted attention; ‘Ruby’ is about being out with your friends and making it very clear that you’re there to have a good time, with them only: “don’t try to dance with me boy. I’m on my own and I like it.”

‘Not Ur Girl’ is the loudest, most urgent song on ‘Post Modern Siren’. Vocalist Katie Revell growls into the microphone in order to tell a story about breaking free from a controlling person. Rebecca Wren’s biting drumming style becomes vicious and thrashy as the song builds up to gang-vocals for the breakdown where the whole band sing: “I’m not your girl, I’m not your world, I’m not your anything.” It has to be said, that Peach Club really are squad goals. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything that they do, and with such powerful belief in the way that they are navigating this unstable industry; it’s not long before they completely shake things up.

Peach Club will be touring the UK from 17-27 August.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly