The Lizards – 'Astroboy'


If all the Aussie ‘hip’ groovers and lovers fuzz-ed reptile synth scuzz were to hypothetically be flipped upside down and then travel North for a while their first point of call beyond the fields of cows and Travelodge’s would be to say hello to Birmingham’s The Lizards

Like an itch on your foot that you can’t quite reach in your go go boots there’s a surreal shoulder jerking possessiveness to the four pieces retro psych take off that’s satisfyingly ‘spaced out on a space-hopper’ twitchy and guided by a flawless fused warmth that flows spiritedly in and out of every little kaleidoscopic crevice of the mind. 

Utterly compelling for a single release and recorded at Magic Garden Recording Studio (yes…) The Lizards bring the sound of Summer of Love experimentation and uncertainty into the present day of youth driven garage-psych revivalism, poikilothermic cosmic and just really great hair. Radek Kubiszyn on bass is effortlessly Sun Structures pulsated with the rest of the band following suit in warped weed wonderment. Astroboy lives up to its namesake with vibrant promise for more sensorary flounce to come.

Words by Al Mills