Wavescapes - 'Kaleidoscope'

Wavescapes follow up their experimental sci-fi tinged instrumental debut single, ‘Circe’, with mystical piano piece, ‘Kaleidoscope’.

Wavescapes is a collaboration between Amsterdam based producers Len van de Laak and Tim Barning who are making hypnotic instrumental songs born from organic and synthetic sounds. Their debut single, Circe’ swelled with retro 80s synth and obscure, writhing dark production, indulging in edge of your seat, suspenseful sci-fi inspired controlled chaos.

‘Kaleidoscope’ sees the duo capitalise on the sparse piano segments of ‘Circe’ offering immersive ripples of reverie and reflection in a more wholesome fashion. On the ideas behind the piece the duo explains ,”Like an actual Kaleidoscope it is based around symmetry, regeneration and repetition. It is an expressive and mystical piano piece that moves the listener into a reflective state of mind”.

Moving at a sprightly pace ‘Kaleidoscope’ exhibits a classic elegance, casting romanticised patterns of light, love and discovery at every turn, making for the perfect cinematic soundtrack to a passionate, longing or emotive scene set in the rain in a period drama. But it breaks out of a familiar classical formula in the latter half of the track as ‘Kaleidoscope’ becomes increasingly more off-kilter, whimsical and dreamy. A vibrant and majestic offering that hints at so much more magic to come from Wavescapes with the promise of a debut album on the horizon.

Words of Karla Harris